Depression, Happiness & Wellbeing


- Why antidepressants don’t always work and what can make a difference (Hey Sigmund)


- The misguided pursuit of happiness (Counselling Today)


- Real change comes from the inside out (by Chip Richards – Uplift)


- What Kurt Vonnegut taught us about the science of happiness (Elephant Journal)





- The surprising truth about the silent treatment (Hey Sigmund)


- Making Couples Happy – ABC Television


- What’s in it for me – The Relationship Book (Parental Stress Centre of Australia)


- The 5 Love Languages – Gary Chapman





- Instead of denying our own sadness to our kids, we should teach them how to cope: by Smita Malhortra, The Washington Post:


- Building Practical, Powerful Strategies in children – 20 practical, powerful strategies (Backed by science) – Hey Sigmund


Why shyness is not a disorder or deficit in kids (Deborah MacNamara PhD)





- Pain is in your brain (and can end there) by Debbie Hampton:

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