I’m very much a short-term, solution focussed practitioner. I work in partnership with you, where you choose what you’d like change in your life and I help develop the roadmap to get you there. Often we know what we don’t want in life (i.e., I don’t want to feel anxious or depressed), but we struggle to say what we really want, how we would rather feel and be in life. I’ll help you with that part too. 

So what to expect from sessions with me?

I’ve listed the main techniques that I like to use, but it’s like listing different car models.  There’s plenty of cars on the road and I’ve found the easiest, most effective cars that drive beautifully.


But what kind of driver am I?

I like to share skills and techniques that will give you a different perspective and ability to cope more effectively.  The space to debrief, explore and release unhelpful beliefs, habits, fears and behaviours that may be holding you back from living a meaningful and fulfilling life.  You can say anything in a session and I won’t judge you. You can swear, you can cry, you can laugh.  Usually all in the same session, it’s your space. 

I don’t see myself as the expert. You’re still driving your car and I’m giving you some direction, but ultimately, you’re the one deciding on where you wish to head in life, even if you’re not sure to start with. I mention to every client that we carry an invisible took kit with us through life, containing all of the coping tools that we’ve previously learnt and used in life to deal with difficult situations. Often, sessions are about adding some more tools to the kit. 

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