I vividly recall a moment in my 20’s when walking from Melbourne Central station to work, on a windy, chilly morning. There were a large group of people crossing the street, heading north along Elizabeth Street when I realised we’d started walking in unison.  All shuffling towards our 9-5 jobs and I thought to myself,


“oh my god, this is the rat race... and I’m in it!"

Was I living to work?

Or working to live?

 What was I truly passionate about? (I didn’t know)


And then:


"There’s got to be more to life than this?"

I know many of you have asked this last question yourselves. I knew what I didn’t want in life, yet I wasn’t sure about what I did want in life.  I’d studied an Arts degree, majoring in Psychology, followed by post graduate study.  I knew that I wanted to work with people and not work for a business earning profits for shareholders.  But with whom and how??  Traditional, talk based therapy seemed too slow and clunky for me. Starting a family and having three children in four years and moving to Kyneton put a temporary hold on answering my questions.

Returning to work in counselling, I started working in private practice.  Personal freedom, tick. Yet, still I was thinking,


“what’s my niche? What’s my passion? And how can I work more quickly and effectively with clients so that they can see amazing results in their lives?"

I knew our subconscious mind, which holds onto our beliefs, habits and patterns of behaviour, had more to do with holding us back in life than our conscious mind (i.e., am I good enough? I’m not worthy of success type thoughts, fears and self-sabotaging behaviours). I completed training in clinical hypnosis, which I LOVED. It’s not only effective, but utilises creativity and relaxation, two things that I wanted to utilise more in my work. At a peer supervision meeting, I was discussing hypnosis when a colleague commented on how passionate I was.  How my face lit up when discussing working with the subconscious mind.  PASSION! Tick.  Yet, I wanted something that was quicker and easier to tap into and change the unhelpful/automatic patterns of relating and behaving that we revert to. But HOW??? It was like being blind folded and trying to find an object in a room, without knowing which object I was searching for!

Finally, I discovered BWRT® (Brain Working Recursive Therapy). 


This is by far the quickest, easiest, most amazing technique I’ve ever learnt (and I’ve sat through many hours of professional development over the years). BWRT® is a new therapy based on neuroscience, which can quickly and easily change the neural pathways in our brain, toward thinking, feeling and behaving how we’d prefer to be in life, rather than reverting to our automatic, unhelpful responses. It’s so effective and easy that it’s become one of my main techniques when working with clients.


Guys, I found my HOW!!!


My passion and niche, it’s all come together, this is how I work, this is what I offer and now I get to share this knowledge and these life changing skills with others, witnessing some pretty amazing results for clients. When you work with me, you can expect change, growth and insight. Freedom from limiting beliefs, fears and behaviours and moving towards how you really want to be in life. 

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